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    Inhibition of SGK1 confers vulnerability to redox dysregulation in cervical cancer

    Min Wang, Yijue Xue, Lanlin Shen,Pan Qin, Xiaolin Sang, Zhiwei Tao, Jingyan Yi, Jia Wang, Pixu Liu,and Hailing Cheng
    Redox Biol. 2019 Jun; 24: 101225.

    Highlights ? SGK1 promotes survival of cervical cancer cells through exerting anti-ROS activity. ? SGK1 induces NRF2 expression and activity in a c-JUN dependent manner. ? Melatonin's pro-oxidant action synergizes with SGK1 inhibition in vitro. ? Combined use of SGK1 inhibitor and melatonin demonstrates cervical ?tumor regression.