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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Islatravir Chemical Structure
BCP38832 Islatravir 865363-93-5
Islatravir is a potential antiviral drug for the treatment of HIV infection.
PNU-103017 Chemical Structure
BCP36734 PNU-103017 166335-18-8
PNU-103017 is an HIV protease inhibitor.
Methyl gallate Chemical Structure
BCP36294 Methyl gallate 99-24-1
Methyl gallate is a plant phenolic with antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory activities. Methyl gallate also shows bacterial inhibition activity. Methyl gallate also has anti-HIV-1 and HIV-1 enzyme inhibitory activities.
MK-0536 Chemical Structure
BCP35146 MK-0536 865298-83-5
MK‐0536 is a potent HIV-1 integrase strand transfer inhibitor.
BRD-K98645985 Chemical Structure
BCP34714 BRD-K98645985 1357647-78-9
BRD-K98645985 is an inhibitor of BAF transcriptional repression which targets specific ARID1A-containing BAF complexes, and reverses HIV-1 latency, and is non-toxic to T cells.
JE-2147 Chemical Structure
BCP34046 JE-2147 186538-00-1
JE-2147 is a dipeptide HIV protease inhibitor (PI) that is effective against a wide spectrum of HIV-1, HIV-2, simian immunodeficiency virus, and various clinical HIV-1 strains in vitro.
RN-18 Chemical Structure
BCP33989 RN-18 431980-38-0
RN-18 is a HIV-1 viral infectivity factor (HIV-1 Vif) inhibitor with an IC50 of 6 μM in nonpermissive H9 cells.
Fostemsavir Tris Chemical Structure
BCP33672 Fostemsavir Tris 864953-39-9
Fostemsavir Tris is an HIV-1 attachment inhibitor in development for the treatment of HIV-1 infection.
PF-3450074 Chemical Structure
BCP25843 PF-3450074 1352879-65-2
PF-3450074, also known as PF74, is a HIV-1 inhibitor that targets HIV capsid protein. PF74 binds specifically to HIV-1 particles and triggers premature HIV-1 uncoating in target cells.
BID Chemical Structure
BCP26025 BID 1416258-16-6
BI-D is a novel potent allosteric integrase inhibitor (allini), inhibiting hiv replication
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