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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Difelikefalin Chemical Structure
BCP24752 Difelikefalin 1024828-77-0
Difelikefalin is a peripherally restricted and selective agonist of kappa opioid receptor (KOR). Difelikefalin produces anti-inflammatory effects and has the potential in modulating pruritus in conditions such as chronic kidney disease.
Tacrine hydrochloride hydrate Chemical Structure
BCP40479 Tacrine hydrochloride hydrate 206658-92-6
Tacrine hydrochloride (hydrate) is an inhibitor of both acetyl (AChE) and butyryl-cholinestrase (BChE) with IC50s of 31 nM and 25.6 nM, respectively.
PSB12062 Chemical Structure
BCP40451 PSB12062 55476-47-6
PSB-12062 is a potent and selective P2X4 antagonist with an IC50 of 1.38 μM for human P2X4.
RS67333 Chemical Structure
BCP40415 RS67333 160845-95-4
RS-67333 is a 5-HT4R partial agonist that shows efficacy at 0.3 and 1.0 mg/kg, ip.
MRK-016 Chemical Structure
BCP40367 MRK-016 342652-67-9
MRK-016 is a selective α5 subunit-containing GABAA negative allosteric modulator with EC50 value of 3 nM.
Anisodamine hydrobromide Chemical Structure
BCP40337 Anisodamine hydrobromide 55449-49-5
Anisodamine is a naturally occurring atropine derivative, which is also known as 7β-hydroxyhyoscyamine. It is an anticholinergic and α1-adrenergic receptor as well as mAChR antagonist used in the treatment of acute circulatory shock in China.
Fezolinetant Chemical Structure
BCP31288 Fezolinetant 1629229-37-3
Fezolinetant, also known as ESN-364, is Neurokinin-3 (NK-3) receptor antagonist.
SEP-363856 Chemical Structure
BCP40348 SEP-363856 1310426-33-5
SEP-363856, also known as SEP-856, is an orally active and CNS active psychotropic agent with a Unique, Non-D 2 Receptor Mechanism of Action.
SEP-363856 hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP40347 SEP-363856 hydrochloride 1310422-41-3
SEP-363856 hydrochloride, an orally active and CNS active psychotropic agent with a unique, non-D2/5-HT2A mechanism of action, exerts its antipsychotic-like effects.
Nomifensine maleate Chemical Structure
BCP39944 Nomifensine maleate 32795-47-4
Nomifensine Maleate is a selective dopamine uptake inhibitor interacting with the dopamine transporter at a site different from that of cocaine; antidepressan.
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