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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
INCB086550 Chemical Structure
BCP40998 INCB086550 2378608-10-5
INCB086550 is an orally available, small molecule inhibitor of PD-L1 with potential immune checkpoint inhibitory and antineoplastic activities.
nor-NOHA (acetate) Chemical Structure
BCP40985 nor-NOHA (acetate) 1140844-63-8
GA3-AM Chemical Structure
BCP40981 GA3-AM 1373154-68-7.
IRDye 800 NHS Chemical Structure
BCP40914 IRDye 800 NHS 956579-01-4
ALC-0159 Chemical Structure
BCP40912 ALC-0159 1849616-42-7
ALC-0159 is a PEG/lipid conjugate (i.e. PEGylated lipid), specifically, it is the N,N-dimyristylamide of 2-hydroxyacetic acid, O-pegylated to a PEG chain mass of about 2 kilodaltons (corresponding to about 45-46 ethylene oxide units per molecule of N,N-dimyristyl hydroxyacetamide).
ALC-0315 Chemical Structure
BCP40911 ALC-0315 2036272-55-4
ALC-0315 can be used to form lipid nanoparticle (LNP, non-viral gene delivery system).
Simethicone Chemical Structure
BCP40886 Simethicone 8050-81-5
Simethicone is an antifoaming agent.
PYN 90774 Chemical Structure
BCP40871 PYN 90774 86390-77-4
PYN90774 is used as an internal standard for retention time ca1libration in UPLC-QTOF MS in blood sample lipid quantification.
RH 795 Chemical Structure
BCP40866 RH 795 172807-13-5
RH 795 is a fast-responding potentiometric fluorescent probe that is primarily used for functional imaging of neurons.
Carbutamide Chemical Structure
BCP40858 Carbutamide 339-43-5
Carbutamide is a sulfonamide and a member of benzenes.
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