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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
PF-07304814 Chemical Structure
BCP40548 PF-07304814 2468015-78-1
PF07304814 is a novel phosphate prodrug for PF-00835231,PF-07304814 rapidly undergoes in vivo conversion to the active metabolite PF-00835231.
Anti-SARS-COV2 S1 antibody  EMA006 Chemical Structure
BCP39134 Anti-SARS-COV2 S1 antibody EMA006 ASCSAE
Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00152 Chemical Structure
BCP39133 Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00152 ASCNAC2
Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00151 Chemical Structure
BCP39132 Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00151 ASCNAC1
Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00135 Chemical Structure
BCP39131 Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00135 ASCNAC5
Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00134 Chemical Structure
BCP39130 Anti-SARS-COV2 Nucleoprotein antibody C00134 ASCNAC
ACE2 protein, hFc Tag Chemical Structure
BCP39129 ACE2 protein, hFc Tag APHT2
Human ACE2 (18-652) Recombinant Protein (hFc-Tag) is derived from a recombinant expression construct corresponding to the extracellular domain of human ACE2 protein, including the sequence regions that function as receptors for SARS and SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses. The expressed protein contains a human IgG1 Fc-Tag at its carboxy terminus.
ACE2 protein, his Tag Chemical Structure
BCP39128 ACE2 protein, his Tag APHT
As an exopeptidase, ACE2 is useful for the study of enzyme kinetics and to screen for inhibitors. As a cell receptor for coronaviruses infection, including 2019-nCoV, ACE2 is useful for the study of protein-protein interactions.
SARS-COV2 S protein(Trimer) Chemical Structure
BCP39110 SARS-COV2 S protein(Trimer) SCSPT
SARS-COV2 Spike protein RBD Subunit,His Tag Chemical Structure
BCP39112 SARS-COV2 Spike protein RBD Subunit,His Tag SCSPRSHT
It is believed that SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein (RBD) has potential value for the diagnosis of the virus.
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